• Apply Lice Blaster Head Lice Lotion to roots of dry hair first (just as you would a hair colour).
  • Once all roots of hair are covered, apply more Lice Blaster Head Lice Lotion to remaining hair. All hair must be completely covered from roots to tips as lice can live anywhere on the hair not just on the scalp.
  • Using an ordinary comb, comb the formula down the hair shaft to ensure complete coverage.
  • Leave in hair for 20 minutes.
  • Comb with a metal fine tooth comb. Wipe the combings onto a paper tissue which should reveal dead lice and eggs.
  • Rinse off with warm water.

REPEAT in 7 to 10 days. A second application 7 days apart will ensure that any lice that have hatched from eggs will be killed. Lice take 10 days to reproduce so by reapplying in 7 days you will have caught the lice before they can reproduce.

Occasionally, if your child has had head lice for some time and other products have been used previously without success, a third application in another 7 days may be required. If after the second application you find adult lice in combings when wiped onto tissue, a third application in another 7 days is recommended.

Use the Lice Blaster thick combing conditioner with stainless steel comb in the 7 days between applications. This will help combing out nits thus interrupting the biological cycle and avoiding re-infestation.

It is always recommended that you check the entire family for head lice and ensure they are also lice free.

Use only as directed. Always read the labels. If symptoms persist consult your health professional.


When applying Lice Blaster lotion, section hair and apply to dry hair ensuring you are covering hair from roots to tips.

A second application 7 days after the first is necessary to kill newly hatched lice, called nymphs.

Eggs take 7/8 days to hatch. The new lice will start to reproduce and lay eggs in 10 days. By doing the second application on day 7, you will have waited until all eggs have hatched and you will treat all new lice before they are able to lay any eggs.
To break the cycle and avoid re-infestation it is very important that the second treatment happens on day 7. Not on day 3, as not all eggs will have hatched and not on day 10 as by then the hatchlings will have laid new eggs.

Comb out head lice and eggs after the application, and in between the first and the second application using the comb and conditioner method.

By doing this you will clean your child’s head of dead lice and eggs which are often hard to remove. You will help breaking the cycle by combing out live eggs. Use a fine tooth stainless steel head lice and nits removal comb. The Lice Blaster comb has long, fine, rounded stainless steel teeth than enable hair to slide through easily.